Gee! You're a Bear

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Text on Button GEE! YOU'RE A BEAR
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Illustration of a smiling cartoon bear holding one paw up to the viewer.  Black text above illustration on a yellow background.

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Factory No. 649
1st Dist N.Y.

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Hassan Cigarettes were popular at the turn of the century and known as “The Oriental Smoke” due to their cork tip. As an advertising campaign, several cartoonists were contracted to draw cartoon illustrations for popular phrases of the day such as, “Let’s See What You Got,” or “Gee! You’re a Bear.” Some artists include Harry C. “Bud” Fisher of Mutt and Jeff cartoons, George McManus, Tom McNamara, and Tad Dorgan. Over 250 designs on pinback buttons were given away free with packs of cigarettes from 1910 to the 1930s.


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