Gen Douglas MacArthur Brown

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Sepia photograph of Gen. MacArthur with white illustrated banner and sepia text.

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General Douglas MacArthur was a prominent United States general that served in World War II and the Korean War. He is best known for the Second World War, when a surprise Japanese unit took the Philippines where he was stationed. After escaping and vowing to return, MacArthur took command of the United States’ forces in the East. There, he led an island hopping campaign, gradually forcing Japan back, and even retaking the Philippines.

MacArthur was again called to active duty in 1950 when the Korean War broke out. He was placed in charge of the United States' and South Korea’s coalition force. This venture wouldn’t be as successful, as President Truman would relieve MacArthur of duty in 1951 over disagreements on the war effort.


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