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Gettelman Beer

Gettelman Beer Beer Button Museum
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Gettelman Beer button back Beer Button Museum
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Be a '49er get gettleman beer
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Red text on a white background

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The A. Gettelman Brewing Co., then called the Menominee Brewery, was established in Milwaukee in 1854 and was eventually left to Adam Gettelman when his father-in-law, George Schweickhardt, left to handle a stone quarry on the Hawley Road in 1876.  In 1891, Gettelman advertised an offer of $1000 to anyone able to prove that Gettelman’s premium beer was brewed with anything but pure malt, hops and water.  The A. Gettelman Brewing Co. was sold to Miller Brewing Company in 1961 and Miller continues to market one of Gettelman’s leading brands, Milwaukee’s Best.

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