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Text on Button Glastron I'm A FUN GUY!
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Lenticular button switches between two images: 1) Red and blue Glastron logo (a large capital G) on a white background.  2) Red text above and below the word "fun," written in capital letters and filled with the red and blue patterns of a flower, swirling stripes, and wavy stripes on a white background.  

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White text (VARI-VUE® by PICTORIAL PRODUCTIONS, INC. MT. VERNON, N.Y., U.S.A. PAT. NO. 2,815,310) on blue background above logo of Amalgamated Lithographers Local 1 of Greater New York.  

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Glastron is a manufacturer of entry-level and mid-range sport boats.  In 1956,  Bob Hammond, Bill Gaston, Bob Shoop, and Guy Woodard formed Glastron in Austin, Texas.  It was sold to Genmar Industries in 1987, and later relocated to Little Falls, Minnesota.

Catalog ID AD0265