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Red text on blue background with white pattern representing baseball stitching. 

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This button is one of eight in a collectible series, possibly used in vending machines. The song " Go Cubs Go!" was recorded by Steve Goodman in 1984 season, and was heard frequently in Chicago and at Wrigley Field during that season. Goodman died in September of the same year, four days before the Cubs clinched the National League Eastern Division title, their first title in 39 years. The song has been played over the loudspeakers at Wrigley Field following each Cubs home victory since 2007. The chorus of the song, "Go Cubs go, go Cubs go/Hey Chicago what do you say?/The Cubs are gonna win today," is repeated three times and fans love to sing along. In 2015, after the Cubs clinched a playoff series at home in Wrigley Field for the first time in franchise history, a man made a clear recording of the stadium full of fans celebrating by singing "Go Cubs Go!" from his apartment a mile away. 

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