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A maroon background with orange text and a football helmet at the bottom with the number 51 on it in maroon

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"Super Crunch" is a reference to two (seemingly unrelated) things: Heath candy bars and Pro Football Hall of Fame Chicago Bears linebacker, Dick Butkus (#51). The Super Crunch candy bar was first released by Heath in 1971, and someone in the advertising department had the brilliant idea of getting "Super Crunch" himself to endorse their new candy bar. Nicknamed "Super Crunch" for his violent playing style, Dick Butkus agreed, and by 1972, his likeness was appearing in Heath Super Crunch ads and wrappers. One ad depicts Butkus with his helmet on with a quote under it stating, "Only Heath could make a candy bar good enough to put my name on," followed by his signature. Following his retirement from the NFL in 1973 due to a knee injury, Butkus moved to Hollywood to become an actor, starring in over 50 television shows and movies. 

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