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Gold Seal Beer

Gold Seal Beer Beer Button Museum
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Gold Seal Beer button back Beer Button Museum
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Blue and white text sits on a gold seal encircled by a red border featuring white text. 

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Union Bug

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Elmer Edward Lloyd Hemrich founded Elmer E. Hemrich's Brewery, Inc. and established headquarters in Tacoma, Washington in 1935. Though they didn’t produce the beer, they distributed beers under their “Gold Seal Brands” label which were actually brewed and bottled by breweries under contract. Gold Seal beer was originally brewed by several breweries, including one in San Francisco. Hemrich changed the name of the company to Gold Seal Breweries, Inc. in 1936 and it stayed in operation until 1940. At some point, brothers George and Elmer Williams, who owned the Mutual Brewing Company, Inc. located in Ellensburg, Washington, purchased the rights to Gold Seal Beer after the closing of Hemrich’s breweries. The Mutual Brewing Company had five breweries in operation, and manufactured beer from 1937 to 1943. 

A booster is someone who supports a cause, sports team, or organization. In this case, a person who supports the brewing, and most likely the consumption, of Gold Seal Beer.

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