Gopher's A-Go-Go

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Text on Button GOPHER'S A-GO-GO 1965 OCT. 23 U of M HOMECOMING
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Illustration of a brown and white gopher with black hair on its head and wearing a black skirt with black text on a yellow background

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The University of Minnesota chose ‘Gopher’s A-Go-Go’ for their 1965 Homecoming theme.  The phrase, and variations on it, was used on floats, pins, signage and other promotional materials for various Homecoming festivities. The term ‘a-go-go’ is borrowed from the French and has various appropriate meanings: a nightclub for dancing to popular music, being in a whirl of motion, and being up-to-date. In their 12th year under head coach Murray Warmath, the 1965 University of Minnesota Golden Gophers won their Homecoming game 14-13 against the Michigan Wolverines with an attendance of 58,519.

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