Governor Dan Walker and Mayor Bob McGaw

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Illustration of golf ball with inset illustrations of two men

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This illustration depicts Governor’s Golf Play Day in Rockford, Illinois that may have taken place on August 22, 1975. The illustrations depict Dan Walker, an Illinois governor, and Bob McGaw, a Democratic mayor. Dan Walker made political history as a Democrat. The changes he made to the state government led to a defeat from seeking a second term in 1976. He never returned to politics since and focused on business. He went to jail after conviction for crimes related to his business. Bob McGaw was elected as Rockford’s first Democratic mayor in April 1973. He focuses on building and improving public works projects and lightening Rockford’s financial burden. He believes that he is everyone’s second choice after being unsuccessful candidates for higher office positions.

In March 1976 during the primary elections, McGaw supported Governor Dan Walker, although many Democratic leaders went for Michael Hewlett as the new governor. The reason for McGaw’s support for Governor Walker is that Walker “discovered” Rockford. McGaw states that before Walker’s term as governor, the city of Rockford felt politically isolated from Springfield and lacked communication with the state capital.


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