Governor Dan Walker and Mayor Bob McGaw

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Illustration of golf ball with inset illustrations of two men

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These illustrations depict Dan Walker, an Illinois governor, and Bob McGaw, a Democratic mayor and were created for a Governor’s Golf Play Day in Rockford, Illinois. Dan Walker was the 36th governer of Illinois, and served just one term from 1973-1977. After losing is primary reelection bid to a democrat backed by Richard M. Daley, he turned his focus to business endeavors. In 1987, Walker was charged with federal bank fraud based on loans he took out to support his businesses. Bob McGaw was Rockford, IL's first Democratic mayor, elected in April, 1973. He focused on building and improving public works projects and reducing Rockford’s financial burden.

During the March, 1976 gubernatorial primary elections (which Walker lost), McGaw supported Governor Dan Walker, despite the fact that many of the "Chicago Machine" democrats—led by then-Chicago mayor Richard Daley—supported Walker's opponent. McGaw's support for Walker stemmed from the fact that Walker is said to have “discovered” Rockford, politically. McGaw states that before Walker’s term as governor, the city of Rockford felt politically isolated from Springfield and lacked communication with the state capital.


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