Grateful Dead Europe '72

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Illustration of a person with orange-yellow hair and large white teeth wearing a red and white checkered shirt and holding an what looks like an ice cream cone to their forehead on a light blue background

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Released in 1972, Europe '72 is a live triple album of performances by the band, Grateful Dead. Recorded during the bands tour of Western Europe, the album is one of the bands most popular releases, having since been certified double platinum. As was the case with other releases by the band, the cover art was created by artists Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse. The front cover illustrates a large boot stepping  across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe. The back cover, meanwhile, depicts a young boy smashing an ice cream cone against his head. In 2011. a second album titled Europe '72 Volume 2 was released with Stanley Mouse returning to illustrate the cover art which features the same ice cream boy from the original album.

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