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Great Canadian Theatre Company

Great Canadian Theatre Company Art Button Museum
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Great Canadian Theatre Company button back Art Button Museum
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Illustration of a human figure outlined in yellow on a black background with yellow text along the bottom

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The GCTC or Great Canadian Theater Company began at Carleton University in August 1975 by a group of professors and graduate students.  The founders (Robin Matthews, Larry McDonald, Bill Law, Greg Reid, and Lois Shannon) wanted a theater company that made Canadian based plays that had a social and political theme.

By the early 2000's, the GCTC had outgrown its former building and with a $2.5 million donation from the late Irving Greenberg estate, the GCTC relocated and built a new building that was completed in 2007. Renamed the Irving Greenberg Theater Centre, the new building included 262 seats and two lobbies.

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