Grits and Fritz in '76

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Curl Text Political Advertisement Paid by Campaign Victory '76 Dallas County Mike Dodge, Treasurer 3608 Euclid Dallas Texas 75205
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Jimmy Carter ran as the Democratic candidate in the 1976 Presidential Election.  It was well-known that Carter was a former peanut farmer from Georgia and served as that state’s governor for two terms.  It was hoped that the reference to “grits” would help emphasize his Southern roots and would capture the votes of the Southern states.  Walter Frederick Mondale served as Carter’s running mate. 

Mondale was known to his family and friends as “Fritz” which was a possible shortening of his middle name.  The Carter-Mondale ticket won the 1976 election, and served for one administration.  Mondale later ran for President in the 1984 election, but lost by a land-slide to Ronald Reagan.

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