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Pale blue background with illustration of a man with a baseball hat. Yellow bar with text on the bottom with a number below the bar.

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An often overlooked pitcher from the Chicago Cubs, Guy Bush was one of the National League’s top pitchers from 1928 to 1934 and finished with 176 victories in his seventeen-year career. Bush was also one of the highest paid pitchers in the National League from 1930 through 1933. Bush was a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs (1923–1934), Pittsburgh Pirates (1935–1936), Boston Bees (1936–1937), St. Louis Cardinals (1938), and finally, he returned to baseball in 1945 and ended his career with the Cincinnati Reds. Bush's career even has ties to Babe Ruth. In a game on May 25, 1935 against the Boston Braves, Bush relieved Red Lucas as the pitcher, and Babe Ruth hit the last two home runs of his career off of Bush (home runs #713 and #714). 

This button is part of the Orbit Gum baseball series, a 54-player set issued by Orbit Gum Company of Chicago starting in 1932. Orbit had a brand of gum known as “Tattoo” which issued the baseball series buttons.

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