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Half Acre Beer Company

Half Acre Beer Company Beer Button Museum
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Half Acre Beer Company button back Beer Button Museum
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Black text on a white background. A red star inside of the "C" in "ACRE"

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Half Acre Beer Company

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Half Acre is a brewing company based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company began in 2006 having a contract brewer in Wisconsin perform the original brewing. Starting out as a one-person sales crew, the company grew to what it is today - a brewery, store, and tap room. Inside the operation the company boasts a three-vessel 15bbl brewhouse, one hot & one cold liquor tank, 19 fermentation vessels, 3 bright beer tanks, a 5-head canning line, and a battle axe bomber filler.

In 2010, Half Acre became the first brewer in Chicago to can beer - they produce 16oz 'tallboys'. Collaborative beers have always been a part of Half Acre having worked with Perennial Artisan Ales, Davin Bartosch, Three Floyds Brewing, and De Struise & Pipeworks to name a few. 

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