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Hanley's Ale and Lager

Hanley's Ale and Lager Beer Button Museum
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Hanley's Ale and Lager button back Beer Button Museum
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Everyone's saying: "HAND ME HANLEY'S" ALE & LAGER
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A blue illustration of a bulldog puppy sits above blue and red text on a white background. 

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(union bug)

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In 1861, James Hanley was an established wholesale dealer, importing, wholesaling, and distributing foreign and domestic liquors as well as wines, whiskeys, and cigars in Providence, Rhode Island.  It started as a liquor store with his brother Thomas and quickly became a series of breweries or possibly a single brewery with a series of name changes including Cooney & Hanley Brewers, the Silver Spring Brewery, the Rhode Island Brewery, the American Brewing Co., the James Hanley Brewing Co., and the Providence Brewing Company.  In any case, James Hanley had a hand in a lucrative business both producing and selling at the second largest brewery in Rhode Island at the time.

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