Hard Rock London Save The Planet

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Orange circle with brown and white text in center. Above, text is red. Below, text is brown. All on tan background.

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The Hard Rock Café (HRC) is known throughout the world as a themed restaurant chain that promotes music and music fandom through brand loyalty to its merchandise and corporate menu. Music is often central to its promotional strategy, displaying musical props and instruments on its café walls while organizing local band performances and music festivals. Its slogan of "Love All, Serve All" underlines its desire to emit a sense of inclusivity; it is both a family-oriented attraction and a venue where established and new musicians can promote their latest tunes. Merchandising has encouraged various loyalty schemes used by customers and music fans to get priority entry and VIP seating, obtain exclusive items, and get a discount.

Hard Rock Cafe is a rock and roll themed restaurant chain founded in 1971 by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. The first Hard Rock Cafe was in London’s Piccadilly neighborhood, and is still in operation today. The Hard Rock Cafe began collecting rock memorabilia in 1979, and the company currently lays claim to one of the largest collections of rock and roll ephemera in the world. All of the Hard Rock locations are decorated with pieces from the collection. The Hard Rock logo was designed by graphic designer and illustrator Alan Aldridge, and first appeared on a button in 1985; the company has since released over 44,000 buttons and pins. 


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