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Hard Rock Shots 2010

Hard Rock Shots 2010 Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Hard Rock Shots 2010 Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Got Tequila? Hard Rock Cafe SGC Event 2010 Dedicated to Andy Juhl HRCSHOTS.COM
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Blue background. Red, yellow, and black font. Brown alien creature with yellow eyes and an enlarged brain that is held up by two sticks drinks yellow liquid out of a test tube with a long purple straw. A spilled test tube at his feet in a puddle of yellow liquid.  

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The Hard Rock Hotel is a restaurant and entertainment venue known for displaying various music memorabilia. Among notable things on display, they are also known for their souvenirs and sellable merchandise. There is a community dedicated to collecting Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses. The Hard Rock Shot Glass Collectors (SGC) have been around since the early 2000s. They hold events to get together and talk about their mutual hobby. Funds raised for these events often go directly to charity. Their 2010 events held in Hollywood, Florida and Miami, Florida, took place on June 11th and 12th. In an effort to raise money for The Vitas Hospital, four pin-backs were created for the event. All pins had a monster theme and could be purchased for $3 each. The Vitas Hospital was chosen in memory of their late friend and collector.


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