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Hatoff's Texaco Bos

Hatoff's Texaco Bos Advertising Button Museum
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Hatoff's Texaco Bos button back Advertising Button Museum
Hatoff's Texaco 1930 photo Advertising Button Museum
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Illustration of a flower with orange petals, a pink center and green stem and leaves with white text on top and an illustration of a person holding a hat inside the pink center.

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Hatoff's Texaco station is a gas station in Boston, Massachusetts. Morris Hatoff opened the original Hatoff's in 1924. Morris's son, Stan, operated the business after Morris died in 1965. When the land was seized by eminent domain for highway construction in 1974, the station relocated further along Washington Street near Kenton Road. Hatoff's became an independent gas station in the 1990s. The business is known for its logo of a grinning man tipping his hat to travelers.


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