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Have a Classical Holiday

Have a Classical Holiday Entertainment Button Museum
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Have a Classical Holiday button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Black text over an illustration of reindeer with red noses and musical instruments on a white background

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Sandra Boynton's illustrations have featured on millions of greeting cards since she began selling her designs in 1973 to help pay for college. The "classical holiday" image was originally featured in Boynton's Animal Farm collection of postcards produced in 1981, after Boynton signed on with Recycled Paper Greetings. Boynton helped the company's value grow from $1 million to $100 million within five years. Today, Boynton has written more than fifty books featuring her animal characters, most famously Barnyard Dance, The Going to Bed Book, and her comedy for adults, Chocolate: The Consuming Passion.


McCarthy, Ellen. (2017, September 12). "Hippos, birdies, T. rexes, pigs: How Sandra Boynton built an empire and won your child’s heart". The Washington Post. Retrieved from

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