Have A Nice Day Elsewhere

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Text on Button HAVE A NICE DAY ELSEWHERE. Boynton RPP, Inc.
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White text and orange cat over a blue background. The cat has its paws on a table/desk, and is glaring angrily at the viewer. 

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Sandra Boynton began her career as an illustrator designing greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings in the 1970s. In the 1980s, Recycled Paper was selling 50 to 80 million Boynton cards each year. Boynton wrote her first book, Hippos Go Berserk, in 1977 and has since written and illustrated more than 50 books for children and adults. Boynton also designs characters and animals for companies to use instead of licensing her illustrations to be adapted. Her creations can be found on calendars, buttons, clothing, wrapping paper, and other items.

The illustration on this button is indicative of Boynton’s sarcastic and satirical style, as her grumpy feline character adds a petulant twist to a common farewell. 


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