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Health Fair Expo '81

Health Fair Expo '81 Event Button Museum
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Health Fair Expo '81 button back Event Button Museum
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Illustration of smiling sun and peeled banana incorporating text as the banana shape.  Yellow text on a red background.

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The 1981 Health Fair Expo took place at the Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist Church. The church is located at 11125 Campus Street, Loma Linda, CA 92354, and the event took place in the fellowship hall on Sunday, April 26, and Monday, April 27. The Health Fair Expo provided free health screenings on both days. 

On Sunday, a participant could have a health history done, a diet analysis, a dermatological exam, a breast exam, a dental screening, or they could have their blood pressure checked, be checked for anemia, or have a general health history done. On Monday, participants could have foot testing, torso testing, vision acuity testing, glaucoma testing, a pulmonary analysis, and have their height and weight measured. Monday's listings also offered participants a summary and referral option. Blood chemistry tests were available with a small charge for adults eighteen or older. Some sponsors for the event included Chevron, Hospital Council of Southern California (HCSC), American Red Cross, and 4NKNBC, the local news channel.


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