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Illustration of a girl in bright colored dress on a scooter with a hat holding multicolor balloons with one letter of black text on each balloon. All on white background.

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The Norcross Greeting Card Company was established in the mid-1920s by Arthur Norcross. Early on, the company had its headquarters on 244 Madison Avenue in New York City and was ran by Norcross, his wife, and children. Norcross tapped local freelance artists to design his greeting cards, most popular of which were his Valentine’s Day ones. When the Second World War pulled some of his associates away from the business and into the battlefield, Norcross wrote personal letters to them. The letters not only included company news but also divulged baseball scores and other bits of information that the servicemen could appreciate. When Norcross died in 1969 the company was sold to John Dorance, CEO of Campbell’s Soup. Without the “family way of operation,” however, the company went on a downhill slide, and its remains were auctioned off in 1981.


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