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Illustration of green leaf on hemp paper background.

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This button is created by Busy Beaver Co. out of hemp paper. It contains 25% hemp, 75% post-consumer, and 100% acid and chlorine-free. This type of button is said to be one of the most sustainable buttons on the market. The world’s earliest paper was said to be made by the Chinese from hemp fibers around 150 BCE. It spread to the rest of the world and is used until 1883 when the use of wood paper emerges. Over time, the use of wood paper led to deforestation, causing global warming, climate change, and degrading natural habitats and biodiversity.

As a source of paper, hemp has higher renewability than wood trees, as one acre of hemp equals roughly 4-10 acres of trees produced over 20 years. The image is a symbol of a hemp stalk. Hemp stalks contain a rich amount of cellulose, which is the main ingredient of paper. Hemp stalks contain approximately 85% of cellulose, while wood trees contain only 30% of cellulose. Using hemp paper over wood paper has environmentally sustainable benefits, as it can help reduce pollution and environmental effects. Not only does hemp paper reduce fallen trees, but hemp also regenerates soil, and eliminates the release of toxins produced by wood papers. Hemp paper is also more durable than wood paper, and it is free of chemicals that wouldn’t harm the skin. It may take a slow transition for companies to switch production from wood paper to hemp paper, as it takes high costs to change the equipment.


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