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Marathon Maniacs is a club for people all over the world who love running marathons. In order to join the club, you must either run three marathons in ninety days or two within sixteen days. The headquarters is located in Tacoma, Washington, on 15 South Oregon Avenue. There are different levels club members can reach, with nine levels possible. Bronze level is the same as the base requirement to join the club, while the ninth level, titanium, requires you to run fifty-two marathons, or more within 365 days, or fulfill one of the other intense requirements listed on their site for this level. The club has a code of conduct that emphasizes integrity, respect, support of other members, and separating politics and beliefs from club activities and social media. These ideals are reflected in the motto “respectful, accountable, responsible.”

The Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail was established in 2009 and is fifty kilometers long. It takes place at Rt. 605 Trailhead in King George, Virginia. The race starts at 6:30 AM and participants must finish by 3:30 PM. Awards for the overall top three contestants include two hundred dollars, one hundred dollars, and fifty dollars. All race finishers may choose either a hat, glass, or medal as a souvenir. This race is one of many listed on the Marathon Maniac website that club members may participate in.


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