He's Good Enough for Me

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Text on Button HE'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! INAUGURATION Washington D.C. March 4~05
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Black and white illustration of two men (Uncle Same and Theodore Roosevelt) over black text

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made by S. Bunimowitz 2 E. B'way N.Y. permission of the Y. Evening Mail

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March 4, 1905 marked the beginning of Theodore Roosevelt's second, and only full, term as President of the United States. His previous term had begun in 1901 after the assassination of his predecessor, William McKinley.

At the turn of the 20th century, it was considered beneath the office of the President for a candidate to campaign for himself, so political parties usually campaigned on their chosen candidates' behalf. In their push for Roosevelt's reelection, the Republican Party made broad use of Homer C. Davenport's popular cartoon of Uncle Sam declaring of Roosevelt, "He's good enough for me".

The 1905 inauguration enjoyed a larger and more diverse crowd than usual, and became the second United States inauguration ever to be recorded in motion picture. Despite his predecessor's violent end, Roosevelt rode to the ceremony in an open carriage.


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