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White background with small green text curved around top and bottom with a large curved green horizontal bar in the center with white text. Green illustration of a boy with a surprised face and lines emanating from the sides of his face.

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A panic button is generally a device one presses and activates when one wants to quickly put an extreme measure into action. Pressing the panic button is often reserved for emergency situations as is the case for car alarms, medical alerts, and home burglary systems. Activating these can summon an emergency operator or other authorities depending on the type of panic button used. Panic buttons can also be pressed for much more serious scenarios, even setting a nuclear weapons system into motion for the rapid deployment of powerful bombs and missiles.

In pop culture, there are a number of references to the panic button including pin-back buttons bearing the word “PANIC” and computer keyboard adhesives that dress one key in red and turn it into a non-functional panic button.


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