Hjemkomst Expedition

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Text on Button hjemkomst Expedition Duluth-Oslo 1982
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Illustration of a black ship with white sail on the ocean.  The ship is set in front of a large grey iceberg with red and white stripes running along the horizon. Black text below the image on white background. 

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The button pictured above is a tourist souvenir from the Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center in Moorehead, Minnesota. The Hjemkomst is a life-size replica of a Gokstad Viking ship discovered in Norway in 1881. The button commemorates Hjemkomst's successful sail from New York City to Oslo, Norway in the summer of 1982. The idea of building the Hjemkomst was that of Robert Asp, a guidance counselor who worked at Moorehead Junior High School. Although he died before the sail, the Asp family carried out Robert Asp's dream of sailing the Hjemkomst all the way to Norway.

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