Holy Guacamole Skippy Jon Jones

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Text on Button !Holy Guacamole! www.skippyjonjones.com
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Illustration of a white Siamese cat on a light green background with white text

Curl Text Illustration copyright Judith Byron Schachner
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"Skippyjon Jones" is the children’s picture book series by Judy Schachner. The main character, Skippyjon Jones, is a Siamese cat with large ears. Skippyjon Jones has a group of imaginary Chihuahua friends, Los Chimichangos. Skippyjon Jones loves to pretend that he is el Skippito and with a simple walk into his closet, he can go anywhere his imagination wants to take him. Throughout the books there are Spanish phrases and words. The button says !Holy Guacamole!, which is a phase said when surprised.” The books have won several children’s books awards, and have been named number one books by the National Education Association in 2007.  

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