Horsing Around Kentucky

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Illustration of a horse and horseshoe in center with red text on white background.

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Around Kentucky, you can find places to ride horses, visit horse farm tours, or attend a wilderness horse camp in the Lexington area. The equine industry in Kentucky is a major part of the state's agribusiness, including sectors involved in horse breeding and rearing, racing, buying and selling, and tourism. According to a study by the University of Kentucky, the equine industry contributed $3 billion to the state economy in 2012 and generated 40,665 jobs. Kentucky is the United States' leading producer of horses overall, and the number one producer of Thoroughbreds, with 30% of the national foaling total. The famous horse race, Kentucky Derby, is held annually on the first Saturday in May in Louisville.

Horsing around is a common phrase meaning to behave in a silly and noisy way.


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