How Many More

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Text on Button HOW MANY MORE?
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Black text inside a white circle with a black outer ring.

Curl Text (union bug) DONNELLY/COLT BUTTONS, BOX 188, HAMPTON, CT 06247
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"How Many More?" is a protest slogan coined in the United States during the Vietnam War that refers to the number of people that must be drafted, die, or be killed in pursuit of of U.S. victory. Though the Vietnam War was initially supported by the American public at its start in 1955, by the mid-1960s a growing number of people opposed the war and protested against it. The Tet Offensive of 1968 especially swayed public opinion after newspapers and cameras gave the public a clearer picture of the situation overseas. Concurrently, the growing number of soldiers being drafted led to widespread protests; these were mostly led by underrepresented groups and university students. Despite major public outcry and division at home, the Vietnam War did not come to an end until the Fall of Saigon in April 1975.

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