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Text on Button Hudson-Fulton Celebration Robert Fulton Clermont 1609-1909
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Button with two illustrations surrounded by gold border and two yellow banners.  Illustration on the left is of Robert Fulton against a red, white and blue background.  Illustration on the right is of the Clermont ship sailing on the ocean.


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W.F.Miller 158 Park Row New York

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The Hudson-Fulton Celebration in 1909 commemorated Henry Hudson's discovery of the Hudson River, along with Robert Fulton's success in developing the first commercial application of the paddle steamer. The importance of these maritime achievements lay in the vitalness of the Hudson River to New York City's dramatic commercial and economic expansion. 

The celebration took place in New York and New Jersey, between September 25th and October 9th of 1909. Created and organized by New York City's Celebration Commission—a group of the city's most affluent and influential, such as J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie—the commission attempted to elevate New York City's status as a 'world city' and highlight the achievements of its citizens. The use of electricity to illuminate ships and memorials, for instance, underscored the city's modernization and innovation. The two week celebration showed thousands the potential vision many had had for New York City's economic and cultural identity in the 20th century.

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