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Huerta Must Go

Huerta Must Go Cause Button Museum
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Huerta Must Go button back Cause Button Museum
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Dark blue text on a white background with a red outer edge

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Ed. Hahn 
358 W. Madison ST. 

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Victoriano Huerta was the dictatorial president of Mexico from 1913 to 1914. His iron-handed rule caused several revolutionary forces to oppose him. Woodrow Wilson was a newly elected President of the United States, who was brought into the conflict because of American business interests in Mexico. Wilson attempted to persuade Huerta to step down and permit the holding of free elections. After negotiations with Huerta broke down, Wilson openly supported the Constitutionalists rebels and headlines around the country read “Huerta Must Go.”  When it seemed the rebels were not going to be able to regain control, Wilson sent U.S. troops to occupy Veracruz to cut off Huerta’s supplies. Huerta resigned on July 15, 1914 and fled to Spain. He came to the United States in 1915 and was arrested on charges of fomenting rebellion in Mexico. He died in custody at Fort Bliss Army Base.

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