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I am an amavoice

I am an amavoice Club Busy Beaver Button Museum
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I am an amavoice back Club Busy Beaver Button Museum
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A red letter I with black text in front of a white background. A fainted gray logo consisting of a circle with a snake wrapped around a lined pole and text curved around it is on the right side of the button behind the black text. On the bottom of the button is a bold red line.

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The American Medical Association (AMA) was founded in 1847 and strives to promote the art and science of medicine and improve the quality of public health. AMA has been a voice of medicine in publications in which physicians have been actively advocating for patients. The AMA represents physicians with a unified voice to remove patient care burden, prevent chronic diseases, and drive the future of medicine to tackle the biggest challenges in health care.


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Parry, L. (2018). The AMA is the voice of medicine: Become a member and make a difference in federal advocacy. Colorado Medical Society.

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