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I Am Vaccinated With Mulford's Vaccine Are You

I Am Vaccinated With Mulford's Vaccine Are You Cause Button Museum
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I Am Vaccinated With Mulford's Vaccine Are You button back Cause Button Museum
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Color illustration of a Mulford's "Aseptic Shield" with red and black text on a rose and off white background.

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Mulford's Vaccine always takes Mulford's aseptic shield prevents sore arms

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Founded in the 1880's, H. K. Mulford Company was a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based pharmaceutical company that developed medicines and vaccines. Founded by Henry Kendall Mulford, a Philadelphia pharmacist, H. K. Mulford company made many advancements in the field, including a patent for a pressed tablet machine, revolutionizing how medicines were distributed. Fighting outbreaks of diphtheria, H. K. Mulford developed a treatment and in 1895 became the first American industrial producer of diphtheria antitoxin. They would not stop there, in 1902 they patented the Mulford Vaccination Shield, designed to protect the open sore left behind after a smallpox vaccination, which requires the skin on the arm to be scraped (a process called scarification) and the vaccination inserted, which the company also produced. The company produced many different types of vaccinations for human and veterinary purposes, including rabies and antivenin. In 1929 H. K Mulford merged with the Maryland based Sharp & Dohme, ending independent development.

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