I Believe In You

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Text on Button I Believe In You
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Red text in a white speech bubble with scalloped edges on a red background. 

Curl Text Cody Hudson
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"I Believe in You" is a design by artist Cody Hudson based on the Neil Young song by the same title. Cody Hudson (b. 1971) is a Chicago based artist whose work has been exhibited throughout the world. Hudson began as a graphic designer but has experimented with painting, illustration, sculpture, and digital graphics. Hudson founded the commercial art house Struggle Inc., which is known for its clean graphics, urban modernism and organic visual deconstruction.

Hudson designed this button for the Summer 2010 Busy Beaver Button Co. Button-O-Matic series. The Button-O-Matic is a gumball style vending machine that dispenses limited edition art buttons.

Catalog ID AR0008