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I Dig You

I Dig You Humorous Button Museum
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I Dig You button back Humorous Button Museum
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An illustration of a monkey with its head above the dirt and a shovel next to its head. Above and below the illustration is yellow text on a red and black background.

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“I dig you the most” means to like, approve, or have a crush on someone. It translates to “I like you”. Another definition is to understand someone. If I dig something, that means to appreciate, favor, or be interested in a thing. These definitions come from African American Vernacular English. Possible etymological origins include Wolof, a Niger-Congo language from Senegal, Gambia, and Mauritania, words: dëgg or dëgga, and the Irish word: tuig, both meaning “to understand, to appreciate” (WordSense, n.d., “Origin & history II”).


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