I Don't Eat My Friends

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Green text and a illustration of a person standing with animals on a white background

Curl Text FARM ANIMAL REFORM MOVEMENT INC Box 70123 Washington DC 20088-301-530-1737
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"I don't eat my friends" is a slogan used by the Farm Animal Rights Movement. FARM was originally founded in 1976 by Alex Hershaft as the Vegetarian Information Service with the intention to raise awareness and educate the public about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. After years of organizing conferences and assisting the animals rights movement, Hershaft renamed VIS to FARM-Farm Animals Reform Movement in 1981. This name change reflected the company's newfound dedication to promoting a vegan lifestyle and advocating for animal rights. In 2007, the company underwent yet another rebrand and became Farm Animal Rights Movement to better emphasize their desire to end all use of animals for food instead of just reducing abuse. Throughout their history, FARM has organized national conferences, campaigns, and events to further promote their message. 


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