I Give a Damn

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Text on Button I GIVE A DAMN! I'm Registered
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Dark blue background with white large text on top half of button at a slight angle. Medium sized red text with a black outline is on the bottom half of the button at an angle.

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"I give a damn; I'm registered" used in this way is a phrase that conveys the importance of voting and being registered to vote. Voting is considered a civic duty and a privilege of democracy that many have fought for in the United States. The act of voting is used to determine the public's interest and preference for leaders at local, state, and federal levels. Voting also helps to decide what projects and regulations the public would like to see for the future, meaning the responses can dictate where the government's money is spent or who can be legally married in the state. Voter turnout also determines which political party affiliations will receive money for campaigning; which is given to parties with 5% or more of the vote.

As voting is optional in the United States and not mandatory, there are many campaigns including "Rock the Vote" and "Motor Voter Registration" to encourage citizens to register and turn up to elections. Wearable slogans may also be seen as a passive act to encourage others to vote.


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