I Heart My Rottweiler

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Text on Button I Heart my Rottweiler STRAND ENTERPRISES 1980
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Illustrated Rottweiler between black text and red heart over white background. 

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Rottweiler's are a medium to large sized breed of domestic dog that were used to heard livestock and pull carts in the past and ar now often used for search and rescue and as guide dogs or guard dogs. 

This is a variation of the I heart NY logo that was created in 1977 by Milton Glaser for an ad campaign created by advertising agency Wells Rich Greene. The marketing campaign was sought by then-Deputy Commissioner William S. Doyle to increase tourism in the state of New York. The campaign was a wild success. The original sketch of the logo is permanently on display at the MOMA.

The logo has become iconic in pop-culture and has been imitated in many forms around the world.

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