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Three babies with closed eyes and big smiles have their right arms and legs lifted as though in a dance line, one baby is purple, one is red, and the third is green. The babies are on a bright yellow background and the black text appears above and below the figures.

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Jelly Babies are a confection originally created and distributed in the United Kingdom. Jelly Babies were made popular globally through the classic television program, Doctor Who. The candy was a favorite of the fourth iteration of the main character “The Doctor” played by Tom Baker. This candy is a British classic first created by an Austrian immigrant to Britain in 1864 as “Unclaimed Babies.” Then by 1918, they were called “Peace Babies,” and were produced by Bassett’s company in Sheffield, England. During World War II, production was halted on the item, then resumed in 1953 under their current name “Jelly Babies.”


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