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I Met Chauncey At Van Dahm

I Met Chauncey At Van Dahm Advertising Button Museum
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I Met Chauncey At Van Dahm button back Advertising Button Museum
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Photograph of a cougar's head in center of the button, with bold text at top and bottom.  Two-toned background with beige upper portion and brown lower portion.  The top, beige portion has bold, brown text stating "I met Chauncey" above the lion's head.  The bottom, brown portion has the words Van Dahm Lincoln Mercury Oak Lawn.

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Van Dahm Lincoln Mercury is a car dealership in Oak Lawn, Illinois. On August 3, 1974 Chauncey the cougar who was the star of the Lincoln-Mercury commercials at the time made an appearance at the dealership. Chauncey and Christopher the cougar cub that also appeared, were two of the animals that lived at Ted and Pat Derb's "Love is an Animal", a 300-acre farm near Buellton, California. The animal's appearances in advertising and promotional events helped to pay for their care.

The advertisements featured a cougar on top of the Mercury Lincoln sign. Here are some example commercials featuring the cougar: 

1973 Lincoln Mercury TV commercial

Mercury Capri 1979 Commercial


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