I Rang the Bell at Knott's Berry Farm

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Illustration of a person in blue pants and a red and white striped shirt holding a brown mallet on an orange and yellow background with orange and black text

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The high striker or strongman game is a popular attraction at amusement parks and carnivals.  Contestants use a mallet or hammer to hit a target in order to send a puck up to the top of the tower and ring the bell.  Those who are able to ring the bell are rewarded with a prize. In the 1930s it was revealed that many high striker machines were rigged at carnivals in order to keep contestants from winning a prize. 

Knott’s Berry Farm is a theme park in Orange County, California.  It was originally a berry farm owned by Walter Knott where he and his wife sold berries and berry products from the side of the road.  Interestingly enough, this location is where Walter Knott planted the wilted remains of Rudolph Boysen’s hybrid berry plants and began selling them as “Boysenberries”. The Knotts began serving food in addition to selling their berry products and became quite popular.  As people lined up for fried chicken and boysenberry pies, shops and interactive displays were constructed to entertain these patrons.  More and more attractions were added over the years making Knott’s Berry Farm the amusement park it is today.


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