I Used To Be Snow White

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Text on Button I Used To Be Snow White, But I Drifted.
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White text except for "But I Drifted." which is light pink, over a dark pink background. 

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“I Used To Be Snow White, But I Drifted” is a quote that is believed to have been popularized by the actress Mae West. The quote is used to convey the idea that the speaker used to be pure and good hearted, like the character Snow White, but they somehow drifted from that path.

Born in 1893, Mae West was considered to be one of the original blonde bombshells of the silver screen. In addition to her decades-long career on Broadway and in film, West was known for being a sharp writer. She penned some of her own plays and scripts, including the script for the movie She Done Him Wrong, a film that includes another iconic West quote, “Why don’t you come up some time and see me.”


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