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I Wear My Seat Belt

I Wear My Seat Belt Cause Button Museum
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The first automotive seat belts were patented in the late 19th century for use in New York City taxi cabs. Originally meant to keep the driver and passengers from sliding around in their seats, seat belts for safety from accidents weren't a concern until the 1930s. Physicians across the country began to urge auto manufacturers to provide lap seat belts in all cars. The three-point seat belt was invented in 1958; Swedish carmaker Volvo was the first to implement a simple and effective design. By the late 1960s, all American vehicles were required to provide seat belts; however, getting people to wear them was difficult. 

Despite scientific research in the 1940s and 1950s, the use of seat belts aroused heated debate. Many felt it should be up to the individual to decide to use a seat belt. The National Ad Council ran advertisements for decades encouraging divers to "Buckle Up." It took over thirty years for seat belt laws to be enacted across all fifty states. Slogans like "I wear my seat belt," showed support for safety and promoted the use of seat belts.


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