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I'd Vote for Willkie

I'd Vote for Willkie Political Button Museum
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I'd Vote for Willkie button back Political Button Museum
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For Wendell Willkie's 1940 campaign for President, an unprecedented amount of merchandise was created to support his cause. Willkie, who had never held political office prior to the election was seen as an unlikely candidate. This may be why Willkie's campaign was particularly aggressive with merchandise. As described in an August 1940 issue of the New Yorker, the  campaign had plans of promoting itself on things such as neckties, chewing gum, and cowbells. But the most active way of promoting Willkie was through buttons. For the campaign, Willkie made an estimated thirty million buttons in total. These buttons were made with numerous messages that appealed to a large spectrum of voters. For example, this button was created for Willkie's younger supporters who weren't yet at the age to officially vote in the election.

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