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If You Take My Coat

If You Take My Coat Cause Button Museum
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If You Take My Coat button back Cause Button Museum
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If You Take My Coat I'LL DIE
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Illustration of a leopard above black text on a yellow background

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There are several organziations that want to protect animals, such as leopards, from the fur trade. These groups want to bring awareness to the negativities of wearing, or buying, leopard furs. There are also campaigns that help protect animals, such as the “Humane Society” and the “Big Cat Rescue,” These organizations try to help protect animals from laws, such as ones that create loopholes that enable real fur to be labeled wrongfully as faux. According to the “Big Cat Rescue,” between 1968 and 1970 the U.S fur industry imported 18,456 leopard skins, along with many other animal pelts. 

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