I'll Try Anything Once

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Text on Button I'll Try Anything Once... TWICE IF I LIKE IT
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Curl Text SAY IT WITH BUTTONS 1108 FRONT STREET LISLE, ILL 60532 (312) 968-7458
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Mae West (August 17, 1893 - November 22, 1980) was quoted saying this quirky line. West was a playwright and actress who was known for her sexual subjects. She wrote Sex,  Drag, The Wicked Age, Pleasure man and The Constant Sinner. In the early 1930s, saying lewd words in public could be reason to get arrested on moral charges. West's work was recognized by Hollywood, which led to parts in movies like Night After Night (1932), I’m No Angel(1933), Klondike Annie (1936) and My Little Chickedee’s (1939). In 1935, she became the second highest earner in the United States. In her later years, West performed similar plays as in her early days at a nightclub. During the same time, she published her autobiography, Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It (1959).


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