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Off white cowboy hat on a red background with off white text curving upwards underneath the image of the hat. 

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Dodge—the American auto brand—had a large marketing initiative during the late 1960s centered around its quality customer service and friendly employees. Entitled the “White Hat Special,” this promotional campaign referred to Dodge salespersons, or the “Dodge Boys,” as “good guys in white hats” who could “beat the competition to the draw.” The “White Hat Special” based its theme on the popular westerns of the day and took its slogans from Hollywood star Roy Rogers’ famous maxim: “The good guys wore the white hats.”

So, what did Dodge’s “White Hat Special” entail? With the company pivoting away from performance and focusing on looks and comfort, the package included upgrades that improved the aesthetics of its cars. Should a customer choose to take Dodge up on its “White Hat Special,” he would receive extras like a vinyl roof, wood-grained steering wheel, remote-controlled rearview mirror, whitewall tires, and deep-dish tire covers, all for a discount.


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