Improved Order of Red Men

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Text on Button IMPD. O. R. M. PENNSYLVANIA
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An illustration of a beaver on a log between black text over a yellowed background. 

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It is unclear if this button is from an event or is a button identifying members from Pennsylvania. The Improved Order of Red Men is a patriotic fraternity devoted to freedom, friendship, and charity. The society can trace it's origin to the Sons of Liberty, a group that fought against the English during the late 1700s, most famously by dumping tea into Boston Harbor. Several "Sons" secret societies came together in the 1800s, officially becoming the Improved Order of Red Men in 1834. They are still active today, promoting freedom and protection of the American way of life through having active "tribes across the United States. 


Great Council of the United States Improved Order of Red Men (2015). Red men information. The Improved Order of Red Men.

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