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Independent Order of Odd Fellows Ribbon

Independent Order of Odd Fellows with Ribbon Club Button Museum
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Independent Order of Odd Fellows with Ribbon button back Club Button Museum
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White background with an illustration of a blue eye in the middle with three gold chain links above it and yellow, orange and blue lines radiating out from the eye. There is a small red white and blue ribbon hanging from the bottom of the button with three larger ribbons underneath, one red, one white and one blue.

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The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was founded in Baltimore, Maryland on April 26, 1819. The movement originated in Great Britain and was a response to the harsh conditions of the time. The Odd Fellows came together under the common commitment to take care of one’s fellow man and provide aid to those in need. They are also known as “The Three Link Fraternity” which stands for Friendship, Love and Truth, represented by the three gold chain links on the button.

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